Workshop in Urban Ethnography-Fall 2015

Mondays, 11:30am-1:20 pm

210 Prospect St, Room 203

The ethnographic interpretation of urban life and culture. Conceptual and methodological issues will be discussed. Ongoing projects of participants will be presented in a “workshop” format, thus providing participants with critical feedback as well as the opportunity to learn from and contribute to ethnographic work “in progress.” Selected ethnographic works will be read and assessed.

Program below subject to change. Images and Additional data to be posted. Please check back soon!

September 4

Elijah Anderson

Yale University

Policing the Iconic Ghetto

September 14

Becky Conekin

Yale University

Pretty Hard Work: An Oral History of Fashion Modeling in London, 1947-1967


September 21

Chris Holligan

University of the West of Scotland

Working-Class Voices: Present and Past in Scottish Prisons


September 28

Esther C. Kim

Wisconsin HOPE Lab, University of Wisconsin–Madison

College Unexpected: What College Does for Low-Income Students


October 5

Nadia Flores-Yeffal

Texas Tech University

The Multi-Site Longitudinal Transnational Ethnographic Approach for Studying Migration-Trust Networks

October 12

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

Princeton University

Beyond ‘The Wire’: Why Poverty Endures in West Baltimore

October 19

Darnell Hawkins

University of Illinois at Chicago

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?: The Role of Unexamined Cultural Diversity in the Temporal and Spatial Patterning of Homicide in Black America

October 26

Harold Dean Trulear and Melanie Snyder

Inequality in the Criminal Justice System

November 2

Bruce O’Neill

Saint Louis University

Stuck Here: Displacement, Boredom, and the Diasporic Imaginary 

November 9

John Hagedorn

University of Illinois at Chicago

The In$ane Chicago Way and Objectivity

November 16

David Embrick

Loyola University Chicago

Race, Power, and Language: The Symbolic Meanings and Outcomes of Epithets and Stereotypes in a Baked-Goods Workplace.

November 30

Danya Keene

Yale University 

Navigating a Geography of Stigma: the experiences of gay and bisexual men in two small cities

December 7

Elijah Anderson

Yale University

White Spaces, Black Spaces, and the Challenges they Pose to Civil Society