Workshop in Urban Ethnography-Spring 2016

Mondays, 11:30am-1:20 pm

210 Prospect St, Room 203

The ethnographic interpretation of urban life and culture. Conceptual and methodological issues will be discussed. Ongoing projects of participants will be presented in a “workshop” format, thus providing participants with critical feedback as well as the opportunity to learn from and contribute to ethnographic work “in progress.” Selected ethnographic works will be read and assessed.

Program below subject to change. Images and Additional data to be posted. Please check back soon!

January 22/25

Elijah Anderson

Yale University

Urban Iconography and the Stigma of Blackness

February 1

Michael DeLand

Yale University

The Ocean Run: Integrative Mixing in a Public Park Basketball Scene

February 8

Chris Rabb

Temple University

The Unholy Trinity of Business Success: Hard Work, a “Great Idea,” and a “Good Attitude

February 15

Luke Anderson

Providence, RI

I’m Known”: Building Relationships and Helping Students Construct Counter-Narratives in an Inner City School

February 22

William Helmreich


The Brooklyn Nobody Knows

February 29

Philip Kasinitz


Insiders and Outsiders, Loners, Rogues and Team leaders: Reflections on “Otherness,” Ethnography and Race in the American City

March 7

Cheryl Gilkes

Colby College

Ethnography, Imagination, and Slave Religion

March 28

David Grazian

University of Pennsylvania

Birds of a Feather: Zookeepers and the Call of the Wild

April 4

Elijah Anderson

Yale University

Jelly’s Place: An Ethnographic Memoir

April 11

Elijah Anderson

Yale University

Making Sense: The Analysis and Writing Up of Fieldwork Experience

April 18

Daryl Scott

Howard University

Victims of the Enlightenment: Civic Nationalism and White Supremacy in the South, 1965 to Present

April 25

Mitchell Duneier

Princeton University

Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, the History of an Idea